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Partner Stores:

The following stores have partnered with Ecotrail Wicklow and offer a selection of Trail Running gear.  Get 10% discount if you present your Ecotrail Wicklow confirmation email.

In County Wicklow:

In Dublin:



Participation at a trail running event requires a certain level of autonomy and safety.  See below list of items that are either required or recommended to participate at EcoTrail Wicklow and other Trail Races:

  • Trail Running Shoes:
    Trail Running Shoes offer extra grip and protection when on uneven, lose or wet terrain.
  • Water Container:
    This is the first mandatory kit.  Choose soft flasks or hydration packs. Consider as well to bring a small cup for aid stations as NO BOTTLES OR CUP WILL BE GIVEN!  
  • Backpack:
    Trail running backpack are designed to fit around your shoulders, chest and back and are designed to prevent elements from bouncing around when you run. 
  • Hat/Cap:
    Ideal for sunny, rainy or cold weather
  • Windproof/Showerproof Jacket:
    Irish weather is very unpredictable.  A jacket will prevent from getting cold and wet.
  • Walking/Running Sticks:
    Some love them, some hate them, but they do work when needed.  There are various collapsable lightweight models out there
  • Energy Food:
    Trail Running is one of the sports that burns the most energy.  Depending on your distance you might want to bring sugary snacks or energy gel (WARNING:  NO LITTER PLEASE!)


Please do not hesitate to engage with the stores above who can give recommendation and tips on your gear.