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19 septembre 2020

Challenge 44km


Welcome to the EcoTrail Challenge 2020. This is your chance to test yourself against key parts of the normal EcoTrail courses: in your own time, at your own pace, with your own friends but on the REAL EcoTrails!

The 44 km Challenge is the longest of the three Challenge Events. All events start and finish at the Band Stand at Bray seafront. In the 44 km Challenge you run over Bray Head through Belmont Demesne and over Little and Great Sugarloaf Mountain and into Djouce Woods where you complete a lovely woodland loop and start your journey home!

Registration link and step by step details on how to complete the challenge to be released September 1st.



With the postponement of this year’s event to 25th September 2021, we wanted to ensure all your hard work and training has not gone to waste and you can still get as near to a proper race experience as is possible under the current government restrictions on events in Ireland.

We have mapped out four courses for you over large parts of the existing EcoTrail routes where you can test your fitness, upload your results and have your result recorded against everyone else who takes on the challenge.

When, where and how long?

The Challenge will run from Saturday 19th September to Sunday 4th of October at midnight – one week before and one week after the original EcoTrail date.

Run the route of your choice at any time during these three weeks, upload your result via the dedicated RaceOne app and your results counts in the overall standings.


What you receive

When you sign up for your challenge you will received:

  • Instruction on how to setup yourself up to race with the RaceOne app
  • Map of the course in the RaceOne app
  • Access to all the RaceOne features: race map, leaderboard, live tracking for your supporters and more!
  • A back-up map sent to you the evening of the 18th of September (in PDF and GPX format)


Registration link and step by step details on how to complete the challenge to be released September 1st.

Matériel obligatoire


  • Minimum 1 litre water  container (500ml for 18k and 28k)
  • Food supply sufficient for the event
  • A personal cup or bottle. 
  • Mobile phone (enter the safety numbers of the organisation into its directory, do not hide its number and do not leave without charged batteries for the mobile phone)
  • Proof of identity. 
  • Wind / Rainproof Jacket
  • Cap / Buff
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