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UPDATE: Top-4 things to know (Meet our Aid Stations)

Our inaugural EcoTrail Wicklow is drawing near! In this newsletter we want to invite you to read about the four ‘hottest’ topics to know about ahead of race day:

  1. Cut-off times
  2. Sign-on and collection of race bib
  3. Meet our aid stations!
  4. Access to hi-res map


Water and Aid Stations

We will have Aid Stations (AS) and Water Stations (WS) but in general all participants are advised to be self sufficient in term of race nutrition.

At Aid Stations (AS) there will be water refill points and simple snacks like crisps, flapjack pieces, fruit cake, banana segments and apples.  All will be unwrapped.

At Water Stations (WS) there will be water refill points only.

Locations of AS and WS are as follows:

  • 18km Event: WS at 11km
  • 28km Event:  AS at 14.5km, WS at 22km
  • 45km Event:  AS at 14.5km, AS at 31km, WS at 39km
  • 80km Event: AS at 14.5km, WS at 31km, AS at 39km, AS at 44km, WS at 53km, AS at 66km, WS at 73km


Note: Between AS/ WS at 14km and 31km on 45km and 80km routes there are some naturally occuring water sources which participants may choose to use at their own risk.

There will be No Drop Bag Facility for any of the events. You should carry all food you require,

Participants are reminded of the need to carry liquid with them through the race and to have a water container for refill at our aid and water stations as no containers will be provided.

Please ensure any rubbish you wish to dispose of is disposed in an appropriate place at one of the Aid Stations or the finish,