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UPDATE: Top-4 things to know (Hi-res maps?)

Our inaugural EcoTrail Wicklow is drawing near! In this newsletter we want to invite you to read about the four ‘hottest’ topics to know about ahead of race day:

  1. Cut-off times
  2. Sign-on and collection of race bib
  3. Meet our aid stations!
  4. Access to hi-res map


Will high resolution maps of the route be made available ahead of race day so I can recce the route?

No hi resolution maps of the route are being made available in advance of the event as access to pass through certain parts of the route on private land is only available on the day of the event.

The best printed map that may be used for reference is that for "Wicklow East" as supplied by East West Mapping.

Please do not attempt to run the sections on private lands  at any time unless they are on a agreed public accessib routes as this could lead to our race losing access to these sections.

Specifically, you must follow only the waymarked path through Kilruddery Estate / Belmont outside of race day and you must enter the Powerscourt Waterfall park only through the gate lodge (where you must pay admission fee). 

When in doubt, please stay out thanks!

Will this not impact my preparation?

No. Wicklow EcoTrail is marked and marshalled in such a manner to ensure local competitors do not have any salient advantage over international competitors.