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Plant a Tree instead of a tee-shirt option

We are delighted to have this option for our 2023 Eco Trail Wicklow participants.

Instead of getting a race tee you can instead opt to have us plant a tree on your behalf instead when entering the event.

We have identified a location in Wicklow, in association with the owners of one of our event supporters Wicklow Wolf Brewery, for the planting of trees.

 If you select a "Plant a Tree instead of a a race tee" when entering,  EcoTrail Wicklow will pay for the purchase and planting of a tree in lieu of providing a tee-shirt.

  • 1 tree will be planted for every participant that selects this option. iIf you already registered you can change your original choice of tshirt to 'tree' at your personal registration link which you recieved when you entered the event.
  • Trees planted will be mixed native trees including: Oak, Birch, Alder, Mountain Ash, Ash, Hazel & Scots Pine.
  • Planting will be 2- 3mtrs apart and trees will be planted late October early November in the Ballinastoe area of Co Wicklow which is very close to the route of our Eco Trail Wicklow 80km route
  • Trees will be allowed to grow to maturity and will not be commercially harvested.


More information here - News Article.