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NEWS: Let friends track you with the RaceONE app

You can now have friends and supporters track your progress in either of our four distances by using the RaceONE app (Apple or Android phones required). Please note this service is not automatically set up - you must enable it. It does not constitute a live dashboard - you track the individual runners signed up not the progress of the entire field.

Will I be tracked automatically as part of my entry?

No you must enable this. You and your friends must follow the below steps to track you.

How can I download the tracker and what phone do I need?

Follow the steps above. You can download it for any IPhone or Android-based phone.


Does the tracker provide a live leaderboard so my friends and family can see where I am placed?

No. Not every participant will be using the tracker. So the tracker only shows you the positions of yourself or any other runner who has enabled tracking that people are following. You cannot see a leaderboard or live standings.