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Using public transport to get to the start line

The Dublin Area Rapid Transit  (DART) system is an electrified commuter rail railway network serving the coastline and city centre of Dublin and the best and most eco-friendly way to get to the start of our race. 



The nearest station to the start line is Bray (Daly) which is a 700m (8 min) walk from registration in the Martello and the start line. 


Travelling from the North / Dublin

The DART runs every 15-20 minutes from 6:55 in the morning. The trip duration from Dublin Connolly is 45 minutes.  Coming from Greystones, morning departures start from 6:30am with trains every hour.  

 For full timetables access the Dublin Commuter timetable. The relevant time table is on page 22: Dublin - Bray / Gorey ( (Saturday). To book your ticket use this page.


Travelling from the South

The DART from Greystones station runs from 6:30 in the morning. You can park FREE ALL-DAY at Greystones Park and Ride from here it is a 650m (8 minute) walk to the train station. Journey time from Greystones is only 9 minutes.


Important for 80 km runners only!

80 km runners should avail only of the following departure from Dublin:

  • 6:55 from Dublin Connolly
  • 7:00 from Dublin Pearse


And from Greystones:

  • 6:30 from Greystones (arrives 6:39 in Bray)
  • 7:30 from Greystones


The above departures arrive at Bray (Daly) railway station at  7:39 unless otherwise stated. With a 8-10 minute walk you can make collection shortly before it closes.  The next departures (7:10 from Dublin, 7:53 from Greystones) arrive too late for you to collect before the 8:00 closing time. Only use the later departure if you have registered Friday evening in Bray.

Source: Irish Independent


Dublin Bus also services Bray. You should check whether the routes servicing Bray fit your needs on the Dublin Bus website.


For full information and other options check out our 'Transport' page.